Радар детектор вистлер 330 инструкция

радар детектор вистлер 330 инструкция
React Immediately Each millisecond an officer is prevented from obtaining a tracking history report means miles per hour taken off your speed if you react in time. Удостоен награды Winner of a 2007 CES Committee Innovations Award. Remember, police radars are machines and don’t ALWAYS work correctly.

Laser is a light beam and is only 18″ wide at 500 feet. Управление прибором осуществляется с помощью трех кнопок, а индикация переключения режимов — с помощью линейки светодиодов. They then radio a waiting patrol unit ahead with your speed and vehicle description. VASCAR: A computer that calculates your average speed from one point to another. An officer can also use a stop watch. Extreme heat, caused when you leave your car parked for extended periods during summer months can also damage your detector.

The most important thing you can do to avoid a costly traffic ticket is to keep alert of what is happening around you and to respond accordingly! Внимание. Если не нажимать ни на какие кнопки в течение 6 часов после включения — прибор выключится автоматически. Therefore using my “Capture area x 7” formula, you would want to have a detector that has at least, 1.5 miles of detection. Выход из режима настройки — повторное длительное нажатие.

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