Google nik collection инструкция пользователя

google nik collection инструкция пользователя
Viveza 2 has perhaps outlived its usefulness since the other plug-ins mostly have the same powerful control point technology that’s Viveza’s principal asset. Conclusion We don’t know what the future holds for the Nik collection, as a price reduction to zero doesn’t bode well for continued enhancements or updates of any kind. Imagine the possibilities of applying structure, color, exposure changes, or doing shadow recovery to only areas you choose, knowing that the software is going to blend in your changes seamlessly. Finally, the Source Direction adjustment lets you change the position of the reflector; if you need light directed to your subject’s left side, you would position the Source Direction between 270° and 360°, which is the bottom, to bottom right corner of the frame. You have all the necessary controls under your fingertips like Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Structure, Blacks, Temperature, Tint and Method Strength. Sharpener Pro While not everything in your image needs to be razor sharp, the best way to end up with a crisp finish and distinct edges, would be to start out with a properly focused image.

Color Efex Pro Color Efex Pro is a collection of visual presets that allows you to enhance, or get more creative with your photo. For a smoother, less enhanced result, Pro Contrast would definitely be the way to go, but to add insane levels of drama to your image, the Detail Extractor is just what the doctor ordered. Each filter can further be fine-tuned to your desire, using the sliders and curve-adjustments included in the right panel; you can even add Dirt and Scratches to create a sense of age and give your digital photo a film-like feel. Use as many control points as you like.

Correct Color Cast analyzes the photo, and produces an algorithm to remove any inherent color cast it finds. Everything that is white is where the Graduated Filter is being applied, and the black areas are where it is not being applied. Layering equates to endless possibilities for your final edit. Silver Efex Pro 2 can bring amazing depth and richness to black & white images – it’s like rediscovering the darkroom! In reality, Analog Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4 and Silver Efex Pro 2 are so good they easily carry the weaker plug-ins. What about you? Do you already use Google’s Nik Collection? If not, will you try it now after it has been changed to a free product? The basic workflow for most of those applications in the NIK Collection is essentially the same.

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