Инструкция к finepix s1700

Önemli özelliklerinin 12,2 milyon piksel çözünürlük oluşturan CCD ışık algılayıcı, 15 kat optik zoom yapabilen Fujinon objektif, çekim ortamını otomatik olarak tanıma, panoramik çekim ve HD video özelliği olmasıdır. For anyone with average sized hands there’s just enough room to squeeze three fingers around the grip, leaving your forefinger automatically hovering over the shutter release button situated at the front of its slope, and your thumb pressed against the slightly indented pad at the rear. With a nudge of the zoom lever, the camera takes just under four seconds to move through the range from maximum wideangle to telephoto. Bağlantılar : USB 2.0 High-speed (Dahili), AV Kablo (Opsiyonel) Pil Tipi : 4x AA Boy Alkalin Piller Ebatlar : 110.2 (G) x 73.4 (D) x 81.4 (Y) Ağırlık : 337 g. The button to the right is for accessing the various burst mode settings, as mentioned above.

While you certainly wouldn’t want the grip to be any smaller, it feels just about right given the overall size of the camera. Front Side The Fujifilm FinePix S1800’s L-shaped top plate looks at once familiar and approachable, the largest control being a ridged mode wheel featuring 10 settings. But, given the focal range, its inclusion here is a must. The front of the S1800 looks much the same as any bridge model; that’s to say it’s dominated by the lens barrel, the tip of which extends 1.5cms past the grip when the camera is inactive, and then extends by a further 3cms when zoomed to full telephoto.
This is a bridge or ‘super zoom’ camera that, despite resembling a digital SLR that’s been shrunk in the wash, shouldn’t scare off those more used to operating pocket-sized point and shoots — which happens to be exactly the main audience that Fujifilm are targeting. Happily the former has a definite halfway point so that a premature capture is avoided, the camera giving an affirmative ‘beep’ when focus and exposure have been determined and the AF point highlighted in green dancing around the screen if either your camera or subject is moving. Above the lens sits the forward sloping ridge housing the integral pop-up flash. A dedicated button for activating this spring-loaded mechanism sits to its right, three pin prick-sized holes for the built-in microphone just below. Size and pricing aside, this 12-megapixel camera is as much about user friendliness as creative flexibility. Like the others say, give it a go. It looks like the camera is a ‘bridge’ rather than a full DSLR.You can try the highest ISO, the widest lens [least number of mm], widest aperture and longest exposure. Select a Category Cookies help us deliver our service. By using our service, you agree to our use of cookies. OK Learn more.

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