Dahua dh ipc hd2100p инструкция

dahua dh ipc hd2100p инструкция
Full Resolution Stream When I went with the default values in the camera and in Zoneminder, I ended up with vertical striping in the high resolution video stream. Again, if I don’t mention a setting, leave it at the default value. Help and Documentation On the web interface, if you click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner of any page, you will get help… in Chinese. If you are not fluent in Chinese, I have some help for you. The UTP cable test feature checks for connectivity across all 8 wires and also displays the pin-to-pin connections of the RJ45 connectors. Max support 32G SD card Cable scan Find out the connected cable in many messy cables.

The RS485 data capture feature displays the code output of serial control devices. You will also see on the Sub-Stream tab that the lower resolution stream is also H.264 encoded at 352 x 288, 6 frames per second. The unit´s bright screen and easy to use menu are ideal for outdoor use. A lanyard and a hand strap are included to ease installs in locations.

Welcome! If has any question, please invites the message , we’ll reply as soon as possible.click Qustion Search Search for the question Page: 1 / 725 Total:7243Home prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 next Last. Отличное решение для построения любой системы видеонаблюдения в условиях с слабой освещенностью и чувствительность ПЗС матрицы DH-IPC-FW665CP-P IP камера c разрешением D1 и ИК подсветкой. Telnet port is open, but the default admin:admin does not log you in. Степень защиты IP66. Объектив 3,3-12 мм (7-22мм опция) DH-IPC-HFW5200CP IP камера Dahua с 2 Мпк CMOS матрицей. But I will warn you at the beginning of this that, if you are getting Zoneminder up and running for the first time, it is possible to build it in a way that it won’t work with this camera, even thought it looks like everything is fine. Connect one end of the cable to tester and the tester will send specific signals, which will enable the blue cable tracker to find out the other end of the connected cable quickly and easily by making clearly sound.

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