Руководство маркетдельта

руководство маркетдельта
Added new text coloring options for dual text display. For those who recently transitioned their database from MarketDelta Charts to Investor/RT, an important step was omitted from the directions related to deleting a file named datapath.txt. Bug fixes.Version 21Insider Bars: 1. You can now choose separate colors for VWAP and standard deviation; 2. Fixed an issue where you could get «too many text objects» error when using bar VWAP and/or bar POC; 3. Added new coloring option for outlined candlesticks. Каждую бумагу возможно анализировать как в своем графике, так и помещать несколько бумаг на один график. Addressed issue where some new updates caused Insider Bars to revert to default settings.

There is a button on the chart toolbar labeled «Edit/Delete Bar/Tick Data» (7th from bottom on right column). It’s the black candle with the red X through it. This means a) greatly more flexible analysis with volatile markets and those with small tick sizes, and b) much less «noise» for easier interpretation of indicator. There is also an automated method: right-click in chart and choose «Scrub Data». Start with a light scrub and see if that solves the problem. If not, you can either try a heavier scrub or the manual method below.

Version 20Insider Bars: Updated some default settings for better user experience; Price Vol Pro: Fixed an issue where market depth caused error message in some instances; Help tradingapp: Added a new tab, Troubleshooting. You can observe maximum volumes or number of trades at prices for each market. Now supports two sets on your chart at the same time ….. Insider Bars bid-ask display has been enhanced – now shows bid and ask direction separately and live trade volume with direction (based on uptick/downtick or @bid/ask) . Updated TA Store images. This indicator is designed for the instruments that have the data on real volumes transmitted. Для начала торговли необходимо MarketDelta Trader при загрузке перевести из режима Test в режим Live, и ввести полученные логин и пароль.

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